Cleaning and maintenance after the end of work

After completing work with the TIG-MAX®XT, observe the following simple care and maintenance instructions!

1. Turn off the device and unplug the blue cable.
2. Unscrew the brush from the rod.
3. Remove the sliding insulation sleeve.

4. Unscrew the rod from the handle.
5. Wash all parts thoroughly under running water.
6. Allow the parts to dry overnight before packing them away.

1. Thoroughly rinse the brushes with warm water after each weld cleaning and allow them to dry thoroughly, taking care to keep the fibers straight.

2. If the copper socket on the brush starts to run or becomes dirty, clean it with a small stainless steel wire brush to ensure good electrical contact.

3. If pads form on or in the threads of the brush, wand or molding handle, clean them with a miniature wire brush. The threads could otherwise seize and the cleaning performance could be reduced or completely lost.

Care of the ground terminal

Dirt, corrosion or deposits on the ground terminal can affect the electrical continuity, which reduces the cleaning performance!

1. Turn off the device and disconnect the ground cable from the TIG-MAX device. Lock the clamp in a vice with soft jaws.

2. Clean the clamp and especially the prongs with a fine wire brush.

3. The earth terminal now has the full electrical continuity again.