TIG Brush® TBE-250 Professional Set

//TIG Brush® TBE-250 Professional Set

TIG Brush® TBE-250 Professional Set

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TIG Brush® TBE-250 Professional Set

The TIG Brush® TBE-250 also cleans, passivates and polishes Tig, Mig and Wag welds. The TIG Brush® TBE-250 works with a carbon fiber brush with sliding sleeve system. This serves to isolate and bundle the carbon fibers, as the electrical energy acts only in the tip of the brush.

The TIG Brush® TBE-250 has 3 power levels, so that an optimal power level can be adjusted.

With the Markingset we offer you even an additional function. With the help of the marker set you can make individual markings or engravings / signatures. This allows you to present your logo on every stainless steel surface.

The TIG Brush® TBE-250 we offer in two different versions so you have the choice between:
– Starter set with a basic set of consumables
– Premium set with a larger amount of consumables

In addition to the device, you will also receive the following accessories included in the set:

1 x shape grip cable, red, 3m
1 x ground cable, black, 3 m, incl. Earth terminal
2 x Cleaning Brush
1 x insulating sleeve
1 x Pen – 100 mm
1 x TB-25 Weld Cleaning Fluid, 1 liter
2 x wide neck immersion tank
1 x TB-40 Neutralizer, 1 liter
1 x TB-40 spray bottle
1 x TB-30 ND Welding Cleaning Fluid, 1 liter
1 x TB-41 Neutralizer, 1 liter
1 x TB-41 spray bottle
10 x Cleaning Brush
1 x original accessory box
1 x IEC power cable – 230 volts
1 x HSF safety glasses
1 x HSF respirator
1 x HSF gloves
5 x microfibre cloth Superclean
1 x HSF wire brush, small
1 x TIG Brush® Set-Case large
1 x user manual and a quick start guide

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