TIG-MAX® 2000 complete set

The TIG-MAX® 2000 is a powerful, rugged and portable device for cleaning and passivating TIG, MIG and TIG seams, all without toxic pickling chemicals. The TIG-MAX® 2000 works with a carbon fiber brush with sliding sleeve system. This serves to isolate and bundle the carbon fibers, as the electrical energy acts only in the tip of the brush. It is therefore particularly suitable for cleaning very fine and difficult to access welds.

The unit is light and easy to handle, making it ideal for assembly work.

The following accessories are included in the set for the device:
1 x TIG-MAX® shape grip cable, 3 meters
1 x TMSS sliding sleeve for brush 2000
1 x TIG-MAX® ground cable, 3 meters
3 x TIG-MAX® Brush 2000
1 x TC-275 cleaning fluid 1 liter
1 x TC-510 neutralizer 1 liter
1 x HSF spray bottle (ideal for neutralizers)
1 x HSF liquid container
1 x HSF safety glasses
1 x HSF respirator
1 x HSF gloves
2 x HSF microfibre cloth Superclean
1 x HSF wire brush, small
1 x HSF power cable 1.5 m