TIG-MAX® 8000 complete set

The TIG-MAX® 8000 is a powerful, rugged and portable device for cleaning and passivating TIG, TIG and MIG welds, all without toxic pickling chemicals. Thanks to the high temperatures and the selected cleaning fluids, the TIG-MAX ® can be cleaned, passivated and even polish in just one step.

The unit has 3 power levels, so you can choose the optimal and customized power level. The TIG-MAX® 8000 works with a carbon fiber brush with sliding sleeve system. This serves to isolate and bundle the carbon fibers, as the electrical energy acts only in the tip of the brush.

With the Markingset we also offer you an additional function. With the help of the marker set you can make individual markings or engravings / signatures. This allows you to present your logo on every stainless steel surface.

In addition to the device, you will also receive the following accessories included in the set:

1 x TIG-MAX® transport box
1 x TIG-MAX® 8000 shape grip cable, 3 meters
1 x TIG-MAX® ground cable, 3 meters
1 x TIG-MAX® brush 8000
1 x TMSS sliding sleeve for brush 8000
1 x TC 275 cleaning fluid 1 liter
1 x TC510 neutralizer 1 liter
1 x HSF respirator
1 x HSF gloves
1 x HSF liquid container
1 x HSF spray bottle
2 x microfiber cloth Superclean
1 x HSF wire brush, small
1 x HSF safety glasses
1 x user manual and quick start guide